Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FIELD TO FREEZER - Large Game Processing - "Supplies I Use"

In this Video, I Use, and Recommend the Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak KP-1 Caper Gut-Hook Skinner Saw Combo with Leather Belt Sheath. It's a Quality, Useful, Easy-to-Carry Set that will last me for many years. It's a bit Pricey, but, I Considered it a good Investment. Holds an Edge well too.

If you can't Afford the Kodi-Pak, I Researched and Found the Following. It is very Similar to the Kodi-Pak, but, less Expensive:

Click here for Additional Choices for Field Dressing Kits

You don't need to use Special Knives or Field Dressing Kits to Properly Field Dress an Animal. There are Plenty of Quality Knives I would Recommend using that are under $30.00 USD. If you Choose a Folding Knife, be sure it has a Locking Blade. Here are a Few I would Recommend:

Click here for a Large Variety of Knives

I use Several Different Types of Knife Sharpeners. I Always Keep my Knives Sharp. The Following are a Couple of Examples of what I use and Recommend:

Click here for Additional Knife Sharpener Choices

Field Dressing and Skinning Gloves:

Click here for Additional Field Dressing Gloves

ALWAYS Have a First Aid Kit with You in the Field!

Click here for Additional First Aid Kits

Strong Rope for Dragging or Hanging. It needs to be at Least a Couple Hundred Pound Strength. Click here for Rope to Choose From

If you use a Gambrel, make sure it is Sturdy Enough to Safely Hold the Weight of the Animal, plus, more. When the Animal is Hanging from the Gambrel, you'll be Pulling, Skinning and Butchering, and therefore putting more Demand on the Gambrel Strength.

Click here for Additional Gambrels

There are a Wide Variety of Quality Skinning Knives to Choose from. Here are a Couple I have used and Recommend:

Click here for Additional Skinning Knives

Butcher Knife Blade Length should be at Least 5" to 8". Find a Knife you are Comfortable with and it can be used in many areas.

Click here for a Wide Variety of Butcher Knives

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Making a COYOTE RUG - "Supplies I Use"

Below is a List of the Supplies I Used in Making the COYOTE RUG Series.

When you Purchase through these Links, I make a Small Percentage of the Price.  The Prices are the same as if you Purchased them Elsewhere.  But, by using my Links, you are Helping me recoup my costs of Making these Videos FREE to you.  Thank You.


Choose your own Size of Latex Free Gloves. If you are not Allergic to Latex, choose your Size of Regular Plastic Gloves

A Gambrel with or without a Pulley System:

Don't Purchase a Plastic Tail Stripper. They don't hold up with the Bigger Animals.

For Salt, go to your local Farm Store and Purchase "feed" or "stock" salt. It's much Cheaper than using Table Salt from a Grocery Store.






Check out the Variety of Colored Felt Fabric